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Monday 11/24/2008

PROINSO opens subsidiaries in Italy and Greece

PROINSO opens subsidiaries in Italy and Greece with the aim of offering and transferring all the experience in the supply of modules, inverters and trackers to major engineering and construction installers in these markets.

PROINSO is the official distributor for SMA in Europe, having distributed in 2008, more than 140 MW of inverters. Similarly, we are going to offer customers in these markets the supply of Trina, Solarworld, Arinna, REC and thin film Nex Power modules. PROINSO will also offer the Greek and Italian market the competitive differential advantage of all their experience and advice in construction to developers and promoters in these markets who are facing projects of this magnitude for the first time. On the other hand PROINSO´s supply and logistics capacity allows EPC suppliers to meet supply commitments for modules and inverters, regardless of on-site delivery schedules. At present agreements have been signed both for the area of Puglia- ITALY and Thessalonica-GREECE for orders of more than 30 MW for the first quarter of 2009.
Monday 08/11/2008

First delivery of 100 kW MECASOLAR trackers for Greece

PROINSO has supplied its partner in Greece its first delivery of 100 kW of MECASOLAR trackers for a solar plant in Gallikos northern Greece, near Thessaloniki. The installation has been supplied from Spain and installed in Greece within a short period of time and was started up quickly. This action is part of PROINSO ´s objective to create a subsidiary in Greece - PROINSO Hellas- allowing access to one of the fastest growing European market for the coming years. PROINSO Hellas will be established and operational in September and will be managed by our staff who will travel to Greece and our partners in Greece. In this way we can provide our customers with experience gained in Spain, thanks to our staff, and all the knowledge of the local market in Greece, thanks to our Greek partners. Projections for the period 2009-2011 are to address the supply of a total of 30 MW. Notably, MECASOLAR the tracker manufacturer will also open in September a production facility- MECASOLAR Hellas- to produce 2- axes trackers in Greece and deliver them directly from Greece.
Wednesday 07/30/2008

With 80 MW PROINSO the company is the undisputed leader in Spain for the supply of modules, trackers and inverters.

PROINSO has taken the Spanish leadership in the distribution of modules, trackers and inverters. In terms of modules over 80 MW of modules have been supplied from the world's leading manufacturers ET SOLAR, REC, ARINNA, YOKASOL, SOLAR WORLD, GOUFEI, YINGLI among others, as well as domestic model manufacturers. MECASOLAR trackers have supplied over 140 MW trackers of which it has exclusive distribution rights in Spain. It is the first supplier of SMA inverters in Spain. The figures speak for themselves with a turnover of € 240 m. This financial strength will enable them to take on the Greek market with PROINSO Hellas.
Wednesday 07/16/2008

PROINSO new distributor for Europe of NEXPOWER´s amorphous silicon modules

Strategic agreement between the two companies through which PROINSO will begin to distribute Amorphous Silicon modules from the Taiwanese manufacturer NEWPOWER in Spain and the rest of Europe. The contract is in addition to other distribution agreements signed by PROINSO with companies such as SMA, Arinna, Yokasol, ET Solar or REC, among others. PROINSO, specializing in engineering services and supplying solar photovoltaic and solar thermal plants has, in 2008, increased its volume of supply of solar photovoltaic modules to reach 80 megawatts of power on its order book for the current year. Following their participation in Intersolar (Munich, 12-14 June), the company will be present at the European PV Conference (Valencia, 1-4 September) and Power Expo (Zaragoza, 24-26 September) where it will present the technological advantages of NexPower products to its customers.
Thursday 07/10/2008

PROINSO will sponsor the SOLARPRAXIS 2008 Conference in Madrid on October 23-24

This year will see the SOLARPRAXIS Conference on Solar Energy being held in Madrid on 23 and 24 October. The success of last year´s conference together with the maturity of the Spanish solar photovoltaic and thermal market will mean a repeat of last year´s success, which was attended by over 350 participants. The presentations will revolve around technical issues, the introduction of new technologies, market vision, regulation and legislation. This time the focus of the preliminary program will be oriented towards internationalization in foreign markets, issues that have played an important role in the program and so necessary for Spanish companies given the current climate, their capacity and experience. An interesting opportunity for business and contacts, in addition to attending the Conference.
Saturday 06/07/2008


PROINSO informs its customers that there are only a remaining few SMA inverters in stock, from Europe´s leading manufacturer. If you are interested and urgently need to contract your facilities supply before September 28, 2008, customers can contact PROINSO, to pre- order. The last available units for the month of June in the European market are:

These are the units available in June and may vary upon ordering, so if you are interested call as soon as possible to pre-order. If you are interested in additional quantities to those reflected in this press release contact us and we will try to arrange it directly with the manufacturer.
Sunday 06/01/2008

PROINSO to participate in the major International Fairs: INTERSOLAR EUPV Conference and POWER EXPO

PROINSO will participate in major International Fairs: INTERSOLAR, EUPV Conference and POWER EXPO. The aim of participating in these Fairs will be to showcase the products distributed and on the other hand to obtain new clients and projects in the Spanish, Italian and Greek market as well as other markets. The company will attend these fairs in conjunction with MECASOLAR, a leader in the manufacture of solar trackers in Europe with over 14,000 units sold in 2008 representing 140 MW, and of which PROINSO is their exclusive distributor. To schedule an appointment at the show send us your information by e-mail, by selecting each fair image.

12 September
to 14
1 September
to 5
2 /  C2
24 September
to 26
Tuesday 05/06/2008

PROINSO receives a visit from the REC Group to discuss new areas of cooperation for the European market

From 6th and June 7th executives from PROINSO and the OPDE Group were visited by the Norwegian company REC Solar AS, part of the REC Group. The REC Group is one of the leading companies worldwide in all respects of the value chain in manufacturing photovoltaic modules. The companies from the REC Group are leaders in the manufacture of Silicon, Wafers, Cells and Modules. Its vertical integration and market leadership can offer its customers a top quality product. The visit included John Harald, Regional Director for Europe, Marius Kroksj, Director of Emerging Markets and Jordi Serrano as a representative of the office in Spain, accompanied by quality engineers and customer services. During the two days the capacity of the OPDE Group to which PROINSO belongs was on show, as well as analyzing new ways of working and business relationship at a European level. On this visit PROINSO were able to ascertain the quality and continuous improvement processes that the REC group carries out in its various factories. These days also provided the opportunity to visit some of the Photovoltaic Solar Plants on which PROINSO are collaborating from the point of view of supply, and engineering.
Saturday 03/08/2008

Strategic Agreement between PROINSO and Taiwanese manufacturer NEX POWER for Amorphous Silicon modules

The signing of the agreement will allow PROINSO to distribute the Taiwanese manufacturer's products in the European market. NEX POWER plans to begin marketing its modules by mid-2008, for this reason it will be relying on PROINSO as one of its main distributors in Spain and the rest of the markets in Europe. Significantly, the commercial strength of PROINSO, with more than 60 MW supplied in 2008, and highly skilled engineers when it comes to providing technical advice to customers throughout the life cycle of a project, has been led PROINSO to have been selected as a distributor. Currently PROINSO already has some orders for this type of modules for projects to be started in Spain after September 2008. When the new rates come into force for solar photovoltaics, one of the ways to help improve cost and investment / kWh will be the introduction of new technologies in silicon. Amorphous silicon technology is one of the technologies which are the so-called pioneers in this regard. Amorphous Silicon Technology enables diffuse radiation to be used more efficiently than traditional crystalline modules, allowing the production of energy to be greater than that of crystalline technologies in this type of radiation. The module has a low temperature coefficient, which causes it to behave better at high temperatures than crystalline technology.
Wednesday 02/13/2008

PROINSO signs distribution agreement with TRINA for 2008 - 2009

The international module manufacturer Trina Solar has signed an agreement with PROINSO for the distribution of solar modules in the Spanish market. The agreement initially opens the door to cooperation between the two companies for the years 2008-2009. Initially the amount to be distributed in 2008 was established at 5 MW, which will be increased according to market demand and its evolution. It should be noted that one of the main advantages of TRINA SOLAR as opposed to other competitors is its strong commitment to vertical integration in the manufacturing process from ingots, wafers, cells to modules. Its modules range from 200-240 W, 200-220 W and 165-180 W. Its production capacity has risen from 150 WM manufactured in 2007 to exceed 300 MW by the end of 2008, a figure which will be increased for 2009.
Thursday 02/07/2008

New PROINSO Solar Photovoltaic Catalogue 2008

At the GENERA Fair in 2008 PROINSO will be present at stand 12B08 where all the new products the company distributes will be showcases. You will also have the opportunity to share your projects and needs for 2008 with our staff. For this occasion PROINSO has developed a brochure of one of its Solar Photovoltaic businesses. To download go to this direction.

At this fair PROINSO will be representing manufacturers:

• MODULES: Arinna, Trina, ET Solar Yocasol, Next Power and REC, with arrangements having been made currently for more than 60 MW

• INVERTERS: SMA with which a contract has been signed for more than € 22 m. For 2008

• TRACKERS: MECASOLAR with a production capacity de120MW -12,000 trackers, for 2008.

At the PROINSO booth we will be waiting to chat about and share your projects.
Monday 01/28/2008

Signing of agreements with inverter manufacturer SMA for € 22 m. and with module manufacturers ARINNA, YOCASOL

PROINSO has recently signed a major distribution agreement with the German company SMA, manufacturer of solar inverters, amounting to €22 m. PROINSO was already a distributor in Spain for the German company, a market in which it had become one of its main distributors. This agreement reached between our two companies represents a further step making the company an international SMA distributor, whose products are distributed worldwide by PROINSO.

The same sources indicate that the 2007 turnover of the company reached €45 million, "a figure that is expected to increase to € 200 million at the end of 2008, thanks in part to the significant distribution agreements recently signed both with respect to modules, and inverters and trackers.

These agreements include those reached with: the German company Arinna with a total power of 12MW distribution, with the company Yokasol (8mW) and Trina Solar (7Mw). PROINSO will distribute photovoltaic modules produce by these three companies. All these long-term agreements can be added to those the Spanish engineering company has with other companies on a stable basis such as ET Solar and REC. PROINSO currently has a capacity to supply 60 MW of modules for 2008.
Wednesday 01/09/2008

Noviercas Photovoltaic Solar Energy Farm Inauguration

Last December, Noviercas (Soria) inaugurated their 400 kWn plant. This installation is comprised of 40 Mecasolar MS Tracker 10 trackers.

Proinso participated in this project as the supplier of Mecasolar trackers and photovoltaic modules. The installation is divided into four groups, each generating 100 kWn. Each of these groups consists of ten MS Tracker 10 trackers.

The energy production results for the first two weeks of operation exceeded the production estimates for this time period.

Wednesday 01/02/2008

PROINSO will participate in GENERA 2008, showcasing its latest technological developments.

PROINSO will participate in GENERA 2008, showcasing its latest technological developments.PROINSO will be in direct contact with its current and potential clients at this event, which will be held from February 26th to the 28th of 2008. The stand will be located in pavilion 12 - B08.   PROINSO will share its stand with MECASOLAR, the current Spanish market leader in solar tracker manufacture, with a capacity greater than 88 MWp. PROINSO will not only showcase the Spanish market's most sold dual-axis solar tracker, but will also exhibit developments by inverter manufacturer SMA, as well as REC, ET-SOLAR and TRINA modules, which it currently distributes. Furthermore, company engineers and technical supervisors will be present at the stand and available to offer the best technical solutions for your projects. PROINSO will also present the many solutions that it offers the solar thermal energy world at the Fair.