PROINSO is a leading global distributor, integrator and technology company of PV modules, inverters, mounting systems, trackers and energy storage and management. Our company has three divisions focusing on Distribution & Integration, Technology and EPM (Engineering, Procurement and Management).

PROINSO has a proven track record of assessing risk and creating value in our clients’ businesses. Since our establishment in 2006 we have supplied over 2.7 GW of projects and have operations in over 20 offices on 6 continents. We offer supply and engineering services to installers, construction companies and clients for commercial, utility, residential and off-grid projects worldwide.

Our mission is to provide a world class service to our customers, while continually enhancing our skills, knowledge and understanding of our sector. PROINSO’s guiding principle is decentralisation of energy which we promote in all segments of our business through:

  • high quality equipment, services and system solutions; defined by highest return on Investment over the life cycle of the project
  • genuinely localised capabilities
  • entrepreneurial spirit coupled with rigorous risk management
  • unrivalled global reach



We are a world leader in solar energy with 20+ offices across 6 continents - Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.










We supply high quality components and integrated systems defined by life cycle return on investment. We add value to our clients through our extensive experience, engineering, global procurement and logistics with warehousing on five continents.

To date PROINSO has supplied over 2.7 GW of projects with grid-tied, off-grid, storage and diesel hybrid solutions. Our global platform and ten years of relationships with industry’s leading Tier 1 manufacturers gives us a competitive advantage in specification, contract development, tendering and negotiation.


Our products include a wide range of rooftop and ground-mount structures (PROINSO PV Rack) and tracking system (TURNSOLE) developed in partnership with Japanese conglomerate OMRON.

PROINSO PV RACK was developed with over a decade of solar experience from our staff. Our structures have been supplied for projects worldwide, in a range of testing environments and have an impeccable record on reliability.

TURNSOLE is horizontal single axis solar tracker that is cost effective, reduces installation time, and is suitable for all terrains. Our unrivalled longevity in the tracker market coupled with Omron’s 80 years of experience in electronics significantly lowers the risk of your projects.


The PROINSO EPM enables every project to be delivered by dedicated local construction resources comprehensively supported by technical capabilities all of PROINSO’s international platform, industry relationships and project experience.

PROINSO offers a full engineering service suite from initial feasibility studies to legacy install optimisation and upgrade. Our Management services are all specified for each installation with the individual requirements of the project owner catered for both during construction and by a comprehensive post commissioning support program.