Coimbatore, India 186.2 kWp

PROINSO residential

Roseville, USA 10 kWp


With over a 2GW of projects supplied, PROINSO offers utility level assessment in equipment selection and strong relationships with manufacturers for our installer partners at residential level. Contact us directly or order online through PROINSO’s Click & Collect store. If you are a home owner, we can arrange for one of our qualified installers to offer a complete solution.

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PROINSO’s extensive experience in bankable projects ensures we understand risk, financial return and life cycle management of PV projects. With solar offering financial benefits and energy security to companies, we are perfectly placed to bring first rate due diligence and engineering assistance in your choice of equipment.

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Thrissur, Kerala, India 40 kWp


Langenhoe, UK 21 MW


When you consider entering a 20 year partnership for a solar power plant, proven capability of your partner means everything. PROINSO has supplied over 2 GW of solar capacity in 56 countries. Our strict due diligence criteria guarantees the highest quality for the projects we manage.

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PROINSO has supplied and designed off-grid systems in five continents with a range of technologies. All the projects supplied have resulted in significant savings and/or increased energy security. The challenge of equipment selection and design has a direct impact on the energy security and/or financial viability of businesses, homes and community facilities. We have the experience and a proven track record with back-up power supply, diesel hybrid and off-grid systems.

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Porto Novo, Benin 2.6 kWp

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