PROINSO’s EPM division offers world-leading experience and expertise to our construction partners and clients delivering world-class utility assets. Having completed projects throughout three continents we possess significant experience in supplying services and products for installations in challenging environments.








PROINSO’s competitive advantage is achieved by leveraging its powerful global platform via a unique business model. PROINSO EPM enables projects to be delivered by dedicated local construction resources comprehensively supported by PROINSO’s technical capabilities and services enhanced by high levels of project experience, industry relationships and international platform.

Dedicated Managers are spread throughout our global offices ensuring that, wherever the project is located, PROINSO can allocate resources with knowledge and expertise. The global Program Managers are supported by the EPM office at the UK Headquarters in London. Technical support, Project Management services, System Monitoring and Asset Management programs are centrally managed, ensuring consistency of service across the regions.

The Program Management Offices can call on specialist engineering teams permanently based in India, the US and Europe, ensuring that every project can be assigned to the engineering team with the optimal specific experience. PROINSO can also call on local specialist engineers in each country, to deal with specific technical complexities unique to each location where necessary.


PROINSO has partnered on grid-connected, off-grid, diesel-hybrid and storage systems in every global market. PROINSO offers a full engineering service suite from initial feasibility studies to legacy install optimisation and upgrade.

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design development
  • Layout development and 3D visualisation
  • Performance modelling
  • FEED studies
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Operational plant optimisation and upgrade


PROINSO has a global procurement, distribution and logistics platform. Delivered from over 90,000 m² of warehousing and a network of logistics specialists, we supply turnkey system components utilising PROINSO global procurement and distribution framework agreements. Our manufacturer relationships and global supply footprint ensures we are at the very forefront of market information for industry pricing across all components. This gives PROINSO a competitive advantage in specifications, contract development, tendering and negotiation. PROINSO maintains a constant due diligence program for all supply partners. The program includes regular factory inspections by our own specialist engineers and component testing at our own European testing facility.


PROINSO management services comprise:

  • Project management support ensuring the timely and efficient completion of solar installations
  • System monitoring and asset management programs ensuring installations have a lifecycle management program that supports ongoing yield optimisation
  • O&M services that are delivered in tandem with the asset management programs

The Management services are all specified for each installation, catering for the individual requirements of the project owner both during construction and by a comprehensive post commissioning support program.



In 2014 PROINSO UK was appointed to deliver 6 utility projects with a total nominal capacity of 91 MW.  PROINSO provided DC equipment and MV design configuration via its engineering capabilities, as well as commissioning support and supply. All 6 projects were designed, supplied and installed within 7 months.

Subsequent to commissioning, PROINSO imbedded monitoring for the ongoing management and maintenance of each installation.

  • “Apart from their core engineering and procurement service support, PROINSO introduced and helped us implement an efficient energy monitoring solution, enabling a very efficient O&M platform to be implemented, which in turn has been invaluable for our investors and has resulted in a specialised  O&M division within Push Energy Limited, where we now have a portfolio of over 200 MW under management in the UK.”

    Drummond Sydenham
    Business Development Director, Push Energy