PROINSO Technology division is focused on development of technology for solar structures, trackers and control systems. Our products, developed in partnership, are sold globally with projects completed in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Japan, Central and South America. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of rooftop and ground-mount structures (PROINSO PV Rack) and tracking system (TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON).


Robust aluminium structures designed for all standard roof types

PROINSO PV RACK was developed with over a decade of solar experience from our staff. Our structures have been supplied for projects worldwide, in a range of testing environments and have an impeccable record on reliability.

PROINSO PV RACK rooftop PV structures are made of hollowed aluminum profiles bolted together, with enough ability to support photovoltaic modules with standard commercial dimensions. These profiles with the aluminum triangles allow the lifting of the structure until the desired inclination, which allows PROINSO PV RACK to adapt its kits to the majority of existing roofs. The versatility of the roof systems from the PROINSO PV RACK allows an easy adaptation to most locations, complying with the applicable regulations in each area of installation and facilitating a quick assembly.



The ultimate plug-and-play tracking system

TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON, is a solar tracker developed in exclusive partnership with Japanese electronics conglomerate OMRON. TURNSOLE is horizontal single axis solar tracker that is cost effective, reduces installation time, and is suitable for all terrains. Our unrivalled longevity in the tracker market coupled with Omron’s 80 years of experience in electronics significantly lowers the risk of your projects.