We can assist you internationally, whether you are running an energy-intensive business and trying to reduce your energy bill, looking for a hedge against the risk of rising electricity prices, or simply trying to make a sustainability statement. Working with our partners, we offer audit, design, supply, installation, financing, and O&M for tailored solar, storage, electric vehicle charging, and energy efficiency and management solutions to clients looking to future-proof their businesses.

Sustainability paradigm x

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Human-induced climate change represents the biggest challenge of our lifetime. In order to avoid catastrophic consequences the Paris Agreement calls for an unprecedented scale-up of global climate finance to reach $100 billion a year by 2020, while the Taskforce for Financial Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) is aiming to become a new reporting standard. At the same time, Millennials around the world are putting increasing pressure on companies to take climate action and incorporate sustainability into their strategies and portfolios.

This challenge can become an opportunity for companies that take timely measures to reduce their carbon footprint and adapt to climate change. We can help you navigate this paradigm shift and future-proof your business by leveraging the power of new energy.

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Walmart solar rooftop solution by PROINSO

Solar PV x

The cost of reaching global climate goals is falling rapidly as wind and solar prices plummet. According to Bloomberg’s analysis, solar energy is now the cheapest form of renewable energy.

SMA Energy Storage

Energy storage x

Rising production of lithium-ion batteries is driving prices down – they have already plunged 85% since 2010. Apart from solving the intermittency of renewables, storage creates an opportunity for energy arbitrage.

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Energy management x

Cross-Sector Energy Management is a fundamental prerequisite to the rapid development of renewable energies. It enables cuts in cost, carbon, and energy use in the private and commercial sectors.

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Electric Vehicles (EV) x

The electric vehicles market continues to grow rapidly. Bloomberg NEF forecasts sales of electric passenger vehicles to overtake sales of those running solely on internal combustion engines in 2038.


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ETIAM Insights – New Energy advisory x

ETIAM Insights by PROINSO - consultancy in New Energy sectors

In 2018 PROINSO attended COP24, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, as a member of the UK delegation. We were given the opportunity to present our view of the key barriers to a global energy transition to renewable energy. We were also able to share our success stories and lessons from our global experience. On this occasion we launched ETIAM Insights, with a mission to assist the growth and long-term sustainability of the low-carbon economy.

ETIAM Insights – a PROINSO company – is a global boutique consultancy with in depth knowledge and relationships in New Energy sectors. Leveraging decades of experience and a global network of industry professionals, we combine strategic foresight with access to current industry leaders with their insights, knowledge, and best practices.


Case study – PepsiCo, Honduras x

After a long run as a top purchaser of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), PepsiCo management made a strategic decision to focus on direct investments in renewable energy projects. Located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the 3MW rooftop project covers an area of 366,000ft² and sits on top of the leading PepsiCo Bottling Plant in the region, EMSULA (Embotelladora de Sula S.A.). The facility, which bottles soft drinks, juices, and purified water, will offset 20% of its energy use. The plant generates approximately 4,252.4MWh/year, the carbon-reducing equivalent of planting 4.7 million trees. EMSULA added the PV installation to improve the overall management and energy cost of the facility in addition to making a conscious effort to fulfil social and corporate responsibilities. This industry-leading project for the region was developed and constructed in partnership with SmartSolar of Honduras, a leading solar EPC in Latin America.

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