About KACO

KACO new energy is one of the leading manufacturers of energy-related power electronics. KACO new energy’s product line covers the full power range, from inverter units designed for a family home, commercial buildings and infrastructures to complete systems for solar parks producing megawatts of electricity. In 2019 Siemens has announced plans to acquire KACO’s string inverter business.

KACO technology

In 1999, KACO new energy revolutionised the market with the first series-ready string inverter without a transformer. KACO’s next generation inverter technology is based on silicon carbide (SiC), which leads to best-in-class power density and superior thermal behavior for installation in demanding environments. KACO inverters are equipped for a wide variety of applications in PV plants of all sizes, from single-family homes to decentralised multi-megawatt solar parks.

KACO inverters x

KACO blueplanet 150 TL3

KACO blueplanet 137 TL3

KACO blueplanet 125 TL3

KACO blueplanet 110 TL3

KACO blueplanet 92.0 TL3

KACO blueplanet 87.0 TL3

KACO blueplanet 50.0 TL3

KACO blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV

KACO blueplanet 15.0 TL3 + 20.0 TL3

KACO blueplanet 3.0 TL3 – 10.0 TL3

KACO Powador 39.0 TL3 – 72.0 TL3

KACO blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3

KACO blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S

KACO solar inverters catalogue x

Kaco blueplanet 150 TL378.21Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter225 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 137 TL378.21Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter205 500DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 125 TL378.21Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter187 500DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 110 TL378.21Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter165 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 92.0 TL378.21Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter138 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 87.0 TL378.21Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter130 500DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 50.0 TL3701Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter70 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 29.0 TL3 LV701Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter43 500DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 15.0 TL3 + 20.0 TL3482Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter18 000 - 24 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet 3.0 TL3 – 10.0 TL3301Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter3 600 - 6 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco Powador 39.0 TL3 – 72.0 TL3151 - 1733Three-phaseGrid-Tie inverter39 000 - 60 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet hybrid 10.0 TL3332/Grid-Tie inverter6 000DATASHEETCONTACT US
Kaco blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S753/Grid-Tie inverter/DATASHEETCONTACT US

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