Mexico 36 MW

To become part of our network for Qualified Installers you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience installing photovoltaic systems.
  • Have a professional commercial and technical team who can address the kinds of projects you have indicated on your file that you would like to receive and carry out.
  • Have the necessary personnel to perform maintenance tasks on the facilities you have installed.
  • Have commercial offices for customer service in the area or areas you have indicated where you would like to operate commercially and to where we would forward projects.
  • Be up to date with your financial, labour, business, legal and tax obligations for your business, this will be a permanent condition for the entire duration of the Qualified Instructor programme.
  • The only condition is that for each project we assign from PROINSO, you must buy the modules and / or invertors and / or trackers or fixed structures from PROINSO.
  • Anything concerning the implementation of the turnkey engineering, its maintenance and customer billing will be done by you.