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About Talesun

Talesun Solar Technologies is an international manufacturer of solar cells and modules: European pre- mium quality level linked with an excellent price-performance ratio. Founded in 2010, Talesun Solar Technologies mother company is Zhongli Group which counts 29 years of experience Talesun Solar Technologies is a worldwide leading manufacturer of photovoltaic solar cells and modules of high quality. Talesun is ranked in Tier 1 of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Vision and mission

Talesun Energy specializes in worldwide acquisition of project-rights, project development, EPC and sale of turnkey PV power plants. The company builds and finances large-scale projects and as of to-date, Zhongli Talesun Solar has installed projects for more than 2 GW globally.

State of the art manufacturing base for Talesun solar panels and cells x

Talesun solar panels x

Poly Pipro TP672

Hipro TP672M

Bistar 9BB-TP6L72M

Bipro TD6I72M 166MM

Your professional partner for PV power plant project development x

Thanks to the project development vision of our Chairman, Mr Baixing Wang, Zhongli Talesun Solar continues to run at an operating profit each year since its commencement of operations. Zhongli Talesun Solar has a highly automated production facility of 1.2 GW Cells & 2.0 GW Modules capacities in Asia’s largest independent manufacturing base of 210,000 sq.m. in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China, Talesun’s equipment suppliers came from leading PV equipment manufacturers such as Reis and Centrotherm from Germany, NPC from Japan and Baccini from Italy.

Talesun modules catalogue x

Talesun Poly Pipro TP672 22.5 10 years Poly-crystalline Silicon Anodized Aluminium Alloy 330 - 350 17.7% DOWNLOAD REQUEST QUOTE
Talesun Hipro TP672M 22.5 10 years Mono-Crystalline Silion Anodized Aluminium Alloy 375 - 390 19.7% DOWNLOAD REQUEST QUOTE
Talesun Bistar 9BB-TP6L72M 25.5 10 years Monocrystalline Anodized Aluminium Alloy 435 - 455 20.8% DOWNLOAD REQUEST QUOTE
Talesun Bipro TD6I72M 166MM 28 10 years Monocrystalline Anodized Aluminium Alloy 430 - 450 20.2% DOWNLOAD REQUEST QUOTE

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