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About Wallbox

Wallbox is a company whose main goal is to design, manufacture and distribute innovative charging systems to support the advent of sustainable transport. Wallbox’s aim is to accelerate the change into more sustainable ways of transportation by providing a comprehensive, simple and effective solution for the charging of electric vehicles.

Product category: EV chargers
Country of origin: Spain
Website: www.wallbox.com

EV Chargers

Wallbox is focused on helping the EV industry to make electric and plug in hybrid cars an attractive alternative to more traditional ways of transportation. Wallbox also wants to reduce customer efforts throughout the purchasing process of EVs and PHEV’s. The customer’s conception needs to be that the charging process is as simple and normal as conventional vehicle refuelling.

Wallbox charging solution x

Wallbox EV chargersx

Pulsar Plus

Wallbox EV charger Pulsar Plus 1

Pulsar Plus 1

Copper Wallbox EV charger

Copper C

Wallbox EV charger Commander 2

Commander 2

Why install a Wallbox?x

We offer intelligent charging solutions that are suitable for every type of application. Whether you have private, shared, business or public parking.

  •  Control: unlike conventional sockets, Wallbox prevents your electrical installation from overloading and allows you to adjust the power.
  •  Charging time: with Wallbox you can charge up to 8 times faster. Also, you can use maximum power to reduce charging times.
  •  Program the charging for off-peak hours: make the most of the times when energy is cheaper to save on your bills.
  •  Lock: you can lock and unlock your Wallbox locally or remotely to prevent unwanted use.

Wallbox EV chargers cataloguex

Model Colour Weight Cable Length Voltage AC ± 10% Dimensions DATASHEET ORDER ENQUIRY
Pulsar Plus Matte Black 1 kg (without cable) 25 ft 240/208V (Level 2) 201x199x101 mm (without cable) DATASHEET CONTACT US
Pulsar Plus 1 White or Black 1 kg (without cable) 5 m (7 m optional) 400 V 166x163x82 mm (without cable) DATASHEET CONTACT US
Copper C Copper, Black, Blue, Red or Aluminium 1.5 kg (without cable) 5 m (7 m optional) 400 V 168x168x54 mm (without cable) DATASHEET CONTACT US
Commander 2 White or Dark Blue 2.4 kg (without cable) 5 m (7 m optional) 400 V 221x152x115 mm (without cable) DATASHEET CONTACT US

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