PROINSO and SGA-Solar Grid Alternatives, Inc. finalists for the ‘Energy Awards 2023’ in the Energy Project of the Year – C&I category with the Pedro Farms Project Developed in the Philippines

Windsor, United Kingdom (August 23, 2023): PROINSO group’s Project development division and local EPC partner, SGA-Solar Grid Alternatives, Inc. Finalists in the category ‘Energy Project of the Year – Retail, Commercial, Industrial’ for the Pedro Farms projects (Philippines).

Pedro Farms collaborated with PROINSO and their local partner SGA-Solar Grid Alternatives, Inc. in the Philippines to innovate their farming methods by using a 221kWp solar PV system.

The key objective was to lower expenses, boost productivity, advance sustainability, and involve youth in agriculture. Pedro Farms sought to decrease dependency on conventional energy by employing solar power for daytime farm activities. This encompassed energizing irrigation, lighting and cooling setups, yielding enhanced efficiency, diminished expenses and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting modern farming practices and engaging youth in agriculture was another key objective of Pedro Farms. By utilizing solar power for temperature and UV control in their closed and controlled farming using container vans, they aimed to reduce costs and make products more affordable. This modern way of farming is also aimed at encouraging a younger generation back into food production, which is an essential part of the economy’s growth. Through innovation, critical and creative thinking it is hoped the industry will have a wider appeal as a career choice.

Overall, Pedro Farms’ collaboration with PROINSO/SGA demonstrates a significant precedent for the agricultural industry in the Philippines, showcasing the feasibility and benefits of integrating renewable energy solutions into new farming methods.

Strategic partners involved in the components for the project were Jinko Solar and Clenergy.