CIRCUTOR has over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing energy efficiency products, including electrical energy and power quality measurement and control units, industrial electrical protection, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering, and smart electric vehicle charging systems. The company has six production centres in Spain and the Czech Republic, and a presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Solar PV carports

A decrease in the cost of photovoltaic solar installations, together with an increase in the price of electrical energy, has quickly led to the appearance of many types of innovations in photovoltaic generation systems. After years of dedication and work on improving electrical efficiency, CIRCUTOR has designed a comprehensive solution that integrates instant self-consumption with electrical vehicle charging.

PVing PARKS – Solar canopy for EV charging systems x

Advantages of solar carports x

Shelters for vehicles

Generation of clean energy

Electric vehicle charging

Reduced energy cost

Reduction of CO2 emissions

PV generation monitoring

Solar PV carports x

PVing PARKS combines a photovoltaic solar canopy with a charging system for electric vehicles. This solution enables the production of energy during daylight hours to cover part of the electricity consumption of an installation and the charging of electric vehicles.

PVS (monopost)

PV2 (single)

PV4 (double)


Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers x

In addition to generating photovoltaic energy, the canopies can be supplemented with an advanced charging system for electric vehicles. There are two electric vehicle charging systems for solar canopies. One available option is the WallBox, or charging stations integrated directly into the foot of the canopy. The other option is RVE2-P, which also have a double power socket as well as built-in communications, freeing the user to decide where to install them as they are not built into the canopies.



Technical features x

Connector type: Type I, Type II or Schuko

Charging type: Charging in Mode 1 / Mode 3 Electrical features

Input voltage: 230 Vac / 400 Vac

Input frequency: 50...60 Hz Interface

Access and prepayment system: RFID system card

Communications: Modbus/RS-485 Safety

Protection degree: IP 54

Integrated solar PV carport kits x

PV carport kits combine a photovoltaic solar canopy with an electric vehicle charging system. This solution generates power during sunlight hours to cover part of the electricity consumption of an installation as well as charge electric vehicles. Solar canopies provide shelter for a parking area with a capacity for 2 to 42 cars and a width of 2.5 m. PV KITS are compatible and can include CDP (Dynamic Power Controller) units that guarantee zero injection to mains, as well as PV-Monitor-M web-based monitoring and energy-management software.

Essential x

  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Canopy structure
  • Photovoltaic inverter

Optional x

  • AC and DC protection panels
  • Control & monitoring equipment
  • EV charging systems

Case study – AMB (Metropolitan Area of Barcelona) x

With the aim of bolstering its energy transition, AMB (Metropolitan Area of Barcelona) launched a project to install photovoltaic solar canopies throughout the Metropolitan Area with to generate electricity for consumption by electric vehicles and the adjacent public equipment buildings.

For this purpose, CIRCUTOR designed two PVS2 solar canopies running at 8.4 kWp (30 PV polycrystalline modules of 280 Wp) and 10.23 kWp (33 PV monocrystalline modules of 310 Wp) for four parking spaces. The solution also integrates the CIRCUTOR RVE-WBS-SMART recharging points (with a Schuko 3.6 kW single-phase socket) and RVE-WBM-SMART-TRI (with a 22 kW Type 2 three-phase socket), offering one recharge outlet for each spot in the same structure as the solar canopy.

CIRCUTOR PVing PARKS catalogue x

Type PV2 (Single) Code PV power (kWp) Inverters Capacity Templates Dimensions (height x depth x width) DATASHEET ORDER ENQUIRY
PV2 C2PS E6P202 4.05 1 x 3.7 kW 2 2 5000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C3PS E6P203 6.48 1 x 5 kW 3 2 8000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C4PS E6P204 8.10 1 x 7 kW 4 3 10000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C6PS E6P206 12.15 1 x 10 kW 6 3 15000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C8PS E6P208 16.20 1 x 15 kW 8 4 20000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C10PS E6P210 20.25 1 x 20 kW 10 5 25000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C12PS E6P212 24.30 1 x 20 kW 12 5 30000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C16PS E6P216 32.40 2 x 15 kW 16 7 40000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C18PS E6P218 36.45 3 x 12.5 kW 18 7 45000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C20PS E6P220 40.50 2 x 15 kW 20 8 50000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C22PS E6P222 44.55 3 x 15 kW 22 9 55000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C24PS E6P224 48.60 3 x 15 kW 24 9 60000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C26PS E6P226 52.65 3 x 17.5 kW 26 10 65000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C28PS E6P228 56.70 3 x 20 kW 28 11 70000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C30PS E6P230 60.75 3 x 20 kW 30 11 75000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C32PS E6P232 64.80 3 x 20 kW 32 12 80000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C34PS E6P234 68.85 3 x 20 kW 34 13 85000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C36PS E6P236 72.90 3 x 20 kW 36 13 90000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C38PS E6P238 76.95 3 x 20 kW 38 14 95000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C40PS E6P240 81.00 4 x 20 kW 40 15 100000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV2 C42PS E6P242 85.05 4 x 20 kW 42 15 105000x3500x4800 DATASHEET CONTACT US


Type PV4 (Single) Code PV power (kWp) Inverters Capacity Templates Dimensions (height x depth x width) DATASHEET ORDER ENQUIRY
PV4 C4PD E6P404 8.10 1 x 7 kW 4 2 5000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C6PD E6P406 12.96 1 x 10 kW 6 2 8000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C8PD E6P408 16.20 1 x 15 kW 8 3 10000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C12PD E6P412 24.30 1 x 20 kW 12 4 15000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C16PD E6P416 32.40 2 x 15 kW 16 4 20000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C20PD E6P420 40.50 2 x 20 kW 20 5 25000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C24PD E6P424 48.60 3 x 15 kW 24 5 30000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C28PD E6P428 56.70 3 x 20 kW 28 6 35000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C32PD E6P432 64.80 3 x 20 kW 32 7 40000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C36PD E6P436 72.90 3 x 20 kW 36 7 45000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C40PD E6P440 81.00 4 x 20 kW 40 8 50000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PV4 C44PD E6P444 89.10 4 x 20 kW 44 9 55000x3600x9700 DATASHEET CONTACT US


Type PVS (single post) Code PV power (kWp) Inverters Capacity Templates Dimensions (height x depth x width) DATASHEET ORDER ENQUIRY
PVS M2M E6P102 4.05 single-phase 1 x 3.6 kW 2 1 5040x3488x4784 DATASHEET CONTACT US
PVS M2T E6P120 4.05 three-phase 1 x 3.7 kW 2 1 5040x3488x4784 DATASHEET CONTACT US

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