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From very early on our founders understood that solar power was going to become central to powering our homes and businesses. As business people they also understood that the switch was not going to happen overnight. Therefore, it was key to focus on both technological feasibility and economic viability. Over the years PROINSO has expanded horizontally and vertically and launched industry-leading initiatives.



Launch in Navarra, Spain

PROINSO was founded in the northern Spanish region of Navarre, the land of Francis Xavier and Santiago Ramon y Cajal. We specialised in the supply of products and services for both ground-mount and rooftop installations.



Qualified Installer Network

PROINSO launches its international network of Qualified Installers, becoming the first non-manufacturer in the sector to start a network of this nature.



HQ moves to the UK

Five years after its launch PROINSO moves its global headquarters to the United Kingdom.



Solar Energy Solidarity

Solar Energy Solidarity started as a solidarity initiative by PROINSO, to embrace corporate social responsibility and commit to providing off-grid communities with the technical tools to use solar power as a clean energy source. 



EPM service program launch

PROINSO EPM is created so that projects can be delivered by local construction partners with comprehensive support from PROINSO’s engineering, procurement and management capabilities.



The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

PROINSO wins the 2018 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade in recognition of its outstanding performance. The Royal Grant of Appointment can be attributed to PROINSO’s export growth of 115% to over 100 countries in just three years.



ETIAM Insights launch

ETIAM Insights, a PROINSO company, is a global professional service company with in-depth knowledge and relationships in new energy sectors. Leveraging decades of experience by its team members, we combine strategic foresight with access to current industry leaders and their insights, knowledge and best practices.