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Firm: PROYECTOS INTEGRALES SOLARES S.L. (hereinafter referred to as PROINSO), TIN: B31856438
Address: Gainsborough House, 59-60 Thames Street, Windsor, SL4 1TX, United Kingdom
Registry data: Page NA-22914 Volume 1143 Sheet 34

The intellectual property rights of the website and the different elements contained within are the property of PROINSO.

The text, rules and in general any information contained within the pages of this website are strictly informative, for which we suggest that the user verify whether it is up-to-date and accurate by verifying it against the corresponding official sources.

PROINSO reserves the right to make changes to the website without prior notice, for the purpose of updating, correcting, modifying, adding or deleting the site content or its design.

PROINSO does not guarantee that site access or content will be free of errors or that its content will be up-to-date, although it will put forth the necessary efforts to avoid these problems. If said problems occur, PROINSO will correct or update them as soon as possible.

The user is solely responsible for accessing the website and using the information contained herein. PROINSO will not be held liable for any consequences, damages or prejudices that may be derived from accessing or using said information, with the exception of all actions that result from application of the laws to which it must be subjected in the strict exercising of its areas of competence.