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At PROINSO, we integrate and distribute both products from our strategic manufacturer partners and products developed through our own technology division. We supply the full range of solar PV components including inverters, modules, structures, and complete balance-of-system, ensuring the best coverage for all our projects.

PROINSO, through its unrivalled global value network, holds contracts with Tier-1 partners in the solar industry. We scrutinise our partners’ product quality and financials through our strict due diligence procedure to ensure the highest performance, safety standards, and bankability in our selected manufacturers. Over a decade of relationships with world-leading PV manufacturers and a 3GW global supply footprint put us at the very forefront of the market for industry pricing across all components.

Responsible procurement x

Not all solar is equal. We carefully select and audit our suppliers and partners throughout their lifecycles, including their management, environmental, and occupational health and safety standards. To source materials and suppliers with values and practises aligned with PROINSO Group, we require all our suppliers to have ISO 19001, ISO 14001, OSH 18001 certifications and adhere to the Anti-Slavery Act.

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SMA inverters x

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Tesvolt Lithium-ion batteries x

Tigo TS4 MLPE x

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Kaco solar inverters x

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Circutor EV charges & PV carports x

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