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PROINSO Technology division is focused on development of technology for solar structures, trackers and control systems. Our products, developed in partnership, are sold globally with projects completed in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Japan, Central and South America. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of rooftop and ground-mount structures (PROINSO PV Rack) and tracking systems (TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON and, associated company, MECASOLAR).

Proinso PV Rack - Mini 10 PRO
Proinso PV Rack - Triangle S PRO


When developing the PROINSO PV RACK mounting structures we have leveraged more than a decade of solar experience from our staff. Our objective was to create products that would reduce installation time, come in compact packaging to optimise transportation and storage costs for distributors; while using robust and high quality materials in order to ensure the maximum safety for our PV projects. The result was PROINSO PV Rack – one of the simplest rooftop structures to assemble on the PV market. It adds exceptional value to commercial and residential projects by offering versatility and usability.

PROINSO PV Rack offers you a complete range of solar panel mounting structures which include flat roof and pitched roof structures, suitable for all standard residential and commercial roof types. All our structures can be ordered in pre-packaged boxes, or customised based on your project specifications. All our products are manufactured in Europe, complying with the EU quality, social and environmental standards.

TURNSOLE Solar tracker
Solar trackers TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON


TURNSOLE Powered by OMRON, is a solar tracker developed in exclusive partnership with Japanese electronics conglomerate OMRON. TURNSOLE is horizontal single axis solar tracker that is cost effective, reduces installation time, and is suitable for all terrains. Our unrivalled longevity in the tracker market coupled with Omron’s 80 years of experience in electronics significantly lowers the risk of your projects.