PROINSO – Nemuru

Boost your business with our financing tool “PROINSO Financing” developed by Nemuru.

PROINSO and Nemuru reached a collaboration agreement aimed at giving installers, through PROINSO, tools to provide financing to individuals and companies (B2C and B2B).

About Nemuru

Nemuru is the leading fintech in the triple connection between financial institutions, companies and their clients. Nemuru’s commitment to information security and privacy forms an integral part of its DNA as an organization. That is why it is essential for Nemuru to create and operate under the best globally recognized information security and privacy management standards, with Nemuru being certified under the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards issued by AENOR.


• From €500 to €30,000.
• From 5.99% NIR for clients.

“Send the necessary documentation to PROINSO to register and start sending requests to your private client”



• From €30,000 to €200,000.
• From 9.00% NIR for clients.

“Send your client’s financing query by email and we will indicate the operation’s feasibility”

Remote financing
100% digital
Financing only with ID (bank reader)
Nemuru backoffice support
Process in
3 minutes
Multibank platform

To start using the financing service for private clients, registration on the PROINSO Financing platform is required.

What requirements and documentation are needed?

Seniority of more than 2 years of activity. Revenues (demonstrable) > €300,000. The self-employed are not accepted.

  • CIF (tax ID).
  • Bank account holder certificate.
  • Form 200 (corporation tax).
  • Certificate of ownership.
  • ID of the director(s) owning over 25%

Merchant Portal

The financing proposal is sent to your client

New request

By clicking on “New request”, you will have at your disposal the calculator which will state the loan conditions for your client. Based on your enabled rates, you will be able to select the conditions that best suit your client’s needs.

• Financing program
• Amount
• Term
• Origination fee

Client view

You can use the “Client view” to show your client a summary of the loan conditions.

In this section, the client can finish adjusting the loan installment by modifying the term.

Client details

Here you can fill in your client’s contact details and then click on “Send proposal”.

Loan details

  • Monthly fee
  • Term
  • Amount financed
  • Interest to the client
  • Origination fee
  • Total to be paid by the client

Client details

  • Spanish ID or foreigner ID – Europe/Non-Europe
  • Email
  • First name of account holder
  • Last name of account holder
  • Telephone
  • Total price of the product or service
  • Description of the product or service

Confirmation and sending of the proposal to your client

That’s all!

1. You should now see confirmation that the proposal has been sent.

2. The clients will receive an SMS on their cell phone and an email with a link to the website where they must complete the remaining information to request the loan.

Personal financing

PROINSO Financing for companies

“Provides financing to your business clients (B2B) by initially sending an email with the company’s tax number and amount. After pre-approval, documentation will be requested to formalize the operation”

Business eligibility criteria

  • Companies: SA (corporations) and SL (limited companies)
  • Solvent and without payment incidents
  • Not valid for groups of companies
  • More than 3 years of activity
  • Annual revenues > €250,000

Terms and conditions of the financial product

  • Between €30,000 and €200,000
  • Redeemable up to 48 months
  • Pricing. Interest rates from 8.3% to 11.2% depending on the client rating (and a 4% origination fee)

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