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Mounting Systems GmbH, based in Rangsdorf near Berlin, was founded in 1993. The ISO certified company is globally one of the biggest producers of racking systems for photovoltaic and solar heating systems. With over 20 years of know-how in the market, Mounting Systems ranks among the most experienced developers and manufacturers in this sector.

Mounting Systems’ eye for innovation and strategic perspective on the future are always of primary importance for the company. Therefore, several investments in the company have been made over the last nine years. This includes modern plants, extended production areas, and an efficient office design for the employees.

Mounting Systems structures

Mounting Systems’ portfolio includes a variety of high-quality structures suitable for all possible roof coverings and inclinations. Mounting systems for pitched roofs differ primarily in the roof covering used. In the case of tiled roofs, the use of pitched systems is recommended. For direct connection to the trapezoidal sheet metal or similar metal roof skins, we recommend the trapezoidal mounting system.

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Easy Tool is a simplified solar planning software tool that lets you plan your project and access your individual project report in just five steps. This report contains all the data you have entered, your project’s statistics, and a list of materials. You also have the ability to send your project, including your required materials, directly to Mounting Systems to obtain a custom quote, making your project a reality in a short time.


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Solar panel mounting rooftop structures - On roof Trapeze Proline

On roof Trapeze Proline

Solar panel mounting On roof Trapeze-EW Proline

On roof Trapeze-EW Proline

Solar panel roof mounting - On roof Trapeze-S Proline

On roof Trapeze-S Proline

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