PROINSO to donate photovoltaic supplies thanks to Solar Energy Solidarity social media campaign

  • The goal of this campaign is to turn the users’ solar energy votes into solar PV supplies donated by PROINSO to PV solidarity projects in underprivileged areas.
  • SOLAR ENERGY SOLIDARITY is a social action to be available until January 12 on PROINSO’s Facebook pages in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, the United States and Canada.
  • Users who visit the company’s Facebook pages are just a click away from contributing 1 watt of real energy. Besides, they will be able to give their opinions or share their ideas on the future development of PV solidarity projects.
  • The Watts added with users’ clicks will become PV supplies to be donated by PROINSO for the development of one or more PV facilities featuring the accumulated watt peak power.
  • At PROINSO they invite web users to join the Solar Energy Solidarity campaign, highlighting that energy is “a vital element to meet people’s basic needs, provide services, upgrade farming practices, and help improve quality of life.”

PROINSO –a supplier of modules, inverters, trackers and fixed structures for ground or roof-mounted photovoltaic systems– has launched a social media campaign in the framework of an innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity titled “Solar Energy Solidarity.” With a click, users who visit the company’s Facebook pages can contribute energy watts that will eventually become PV supplies donated by PROINSO to develop solar PV projects in underprivileged areas that lack the resources required to take advantage of solar energy. With just a click, each user can contribute a watt, and PROINSO will transform clicks into kWp.

This way, PROINSO invites users to participate for free in a joint CSR activity as a way of getting them involved in the solidarity projects to be carried out by the multinational company throughout 2012.

“In 2012 we want to donate supplies for PV systems that will benefit communities that cannot afford to buy them. These projects will improve their quality of life thanks to solar PV 6 energy. We want our clients, suppliers and fans to get involved in our donation. It is really easy, and has zero cost for them. After this, users will be asked to vote for various projects and make suggestions, and we will keep them informed on the projects’ development and outcome. The idea is to show them that our CSR programme can only be carried out with their help,” said PROINSO Marketing Manager Teresa Marticorena.

The Solar Energy Solidarity campaign will be available through January 12, 2011 on PROINSO’s Facebook pages in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, the United States and Canada. In addition, the campaign will be announced on www.proinso.net, www.opdegroup.com, www.opde.net, and www.mecasolar.com, from which the visitors who are interested in voting will be redirected to the Facebook page of the relevant country.

Also, a special page, “SOLAR ENERGY SOLIDARITY,” will be created on Facebook to collect users’ clicks, comments and suggestions. This general Facebook page will also show the development of the solidarity projects that get PV supplies from PROINSO.

Users are just a click away from contributing energy at no cost, clicking the “Like” button on one of PROINSO’s Facebook pages. The accumulated Solar Energy Solidarity watts will be displayed in a hit counter. In addition, users will be able to share their ideas about the solar energy solidarity projects they believe could be added to the campaign.

PROINSO will try to get support from the different PV associations it is a member of or others it is in contact with, like AEF, ANPER, APPA or ASIF from Spain, SEIA from the USA, CanSIA from Canada, GIFI from Italy, HELAPCO from Greece, and BPVA from Great Britain, as well as from other non-profit organisations in the energy sector.

PROINSO invites web users to add their energy to that of the company, highlighting that energy is “a vital element to meet people’s basic needs, provide services, upgrade farming practices and guarantee food safety, and help improve quality of life.”

PROINSO sources explained that the sun provides the world with millions of watts at no cost every day. “This energy could be used by people and communities in different countries where other energy sources are not available as a result of geographical location, weak economies or social inequalities.”

With this campaign, PROINSO embraces social responsibility and makes a commitment to provide underprivileged communities with the technical tools “to use the sun as a source of energy.”

Energy restrictions

Today, energy in rural areas in developing countries is supplied mainly by biofuels, and by man and animal work. “This picture dramatically reduces the chance to increase production and improve quality of life,” PROINSO sources added.

They explained that between 150 and 200 Wp would meet the energy demand for electronic devices, deep-cycle batteries or compact refrigerators used in healthcare centres. Likewise, between 1 and 3 kWp supply the energy required to pump drinking wate, and 1 or 2 kWp are necessary to desalinate water. “These are but a few examples that show what can be done with, say, 5,000 watts.”

In fact, solar PV energy has been considered as the most effective and economical solution to improve services in the fields of health, education, communications, electric light, agriculture, or water supply in rural areas without electricity in developing countries. “PV systems can have a highly positive impact on local people’s lives. Moreover, the provision of social and community services could lead to the development of other profitable activities and the creation of jobs for local people,” they said at PROINSO, adding that the SOLAR ENERGY SOLIDARITY campaign will be advertised on all the websites of the OPDE Group, as well as via emails and Christmas greetings.