Solar Energy Solidarity to donate over 60kW to PV projects and benefit 80,000 people in 2013

  • Projects totalling 60kW will be developed in Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil and India, in cooperation with NGOs, local partners and organisations, to meet the energy needs of 80,000 people in local communities.
  • The SOLAR ENERGY SOLIDARITY programme led by PROINSO has grown stronger in 2012 thanks to PV companies that joined it like SMA, INGETEAM and TRINA. Joint efforts will make it possible to reach more places on Earth with new solidarity solar PV projects in 2013. In fact, new proposals are being continuously received for such projects from different cooperation agencies.
  • In 2012, the Solar Energy Solidarity programme developed as many as six projects in Peru, Togo, Benin and Thailand, totalling 18kW and reaching over 19,000 people in underprivileged areas. Next year, the programme’s impact will be multiplied by four.

The Solar Energy Solidarity move led by multinational PROINSO will donate over 60kW in 2013 to a dozen solidarity solar projects to be developed in Nepal, Kenya, Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil and India. These projects are expected to benefit more than 80,000 people, adding to the six developed in 2012 in Peru, Togo, Benin and Thailand, which improved power supply for 19,000 people. At PROINSO they said the initiative grew in 2012 because it added cooperating partners like SMA, INGETEAM and TRINA, among others. These companies donated PV products to different solar projects in the solidarity programme.

Regarding the six projects carried out in 2012 within the framework of this initiative, they totalled more than 18kW and benefited over 19,000 people. The goal for 2012 was to install 5kW, an amount of power that was multiplied by four to 18kW thanks to the support provided by the manufacturers involved in the projects.

NGOs, organisations, and local governments and partners also collaborated in these projects, aimed at supplying energy to meet the power demand of most underprivileged communities.

BE PART OF IT: new initiative aimed at attracting support In addition, the people working at the SOLAR ENERGY SOLIDARITY programme announced that this Christmas season, a solidarity campaign would be launched in social media: BE PART OF IT.

The goal is to provide information on the projects being developed to all the supporters of the programme and the people interested in it. Also, social media users, organisations, manufacturers and companies in the solar PV industry will be able to put forward proposals for solidarity solar PV projects or inform on products they want to donate to upcoming projects.