PROINSO winner of the ‘Philippines Solar Week Leadership Awards 2021’

United Kingdom (December 2 2021): PROINSO strengthens its position in the Philippines by winning three awards at the Philippines Solar Week Leadership Awards 2021.

Solar Quarter announced last week that PROINSO, a global leader in the solar energy market, was the winner of three awards: “Best Solar Project of the Year”; “Solar Company of the Year: Consultancy” and the “Solar Company of the Year: Developer” at the Philippines Solar Week Leadership Awards 2021.

The award winning “Best Solar Project of the year” is a 393.6 kWp solar rooftop development located in Manila named “Ten Public Schools powered with solar energy in Manila”. This unique project reflects the efforts of the Philippine Government to target 20GW of renewables by 2040 and a target of 35% Renewable Energy Share by 2030.

PROINSO, In partnership with RACATECH and BUILDERS CORP, were responsible for carrying out the project with the aim of generating all of the electricity needed for each individual building. Together these rooftop developments represent the most extensive solar energy system for public buildings in Manila with a total capacity of 393.6 kWp. All of the rooftops were installed with SMA technology, Jinko Solar panels and Clenergy mounting systems.

The system reduces CO2 emissions by more than 1,189 tons per year whilst helping to protect the environment (the equivalent of planting 52,417 new trees), reducing air pollution and improving quality of life and health.
At PROINSO we believe that solar energy is on a clear path to becoming central in powering our lives. This inspiring project is representative of PROINSO’s work and commitment to the local community.

PROINSO has been operating in the Philippines since 2009 and we are very proud to have a strong footprint across the country, having been one of the first movers in the market. We have supplied, developed and provided consultancy for over 200MW of Solar Projects in the country mainly for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.