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Project Detailsx

Year completed:2020
Partner:DAT Technology
Category:Commercial & Industrial
PV brands:SMA and Canadian Solar

In partnership with DAT Technology, PROINSO installed a 1 MWp solar system to a high professional standard with the help of a skilled construction team. The solar system was constructed on the factory rooftop in the city of Vi Thanh Hau Giang province. The client, 4M GREEN POWER, had their expectations met in regards to quality, efficiency and stability.


The aim for the customer was to install an energy system of which 100% of the electricity produced could be sold to EVN (Vietnam Electricity Company). The solar installation not only provided the investor with economic benefit, it also managed to provide clean energy to contribute to the fight against climate change. The system reduces CO2 emissions by more than 1,267 tons/year and helps to protect the environment (equivalent to planting 55,823 new trees), reduce air pollution and in turn improve quality of life and health. The project also ensured fewer fossil fuels were used in the locality and therefore, reduced pollution for the whole community.

Success and resultsx

The 1MWp solar power project was delivered on time, as planned, and on budget. Since its installation it has brought many benefits to the client, 4M GREEN POWER COMPANY. The system has managed to meet 100% of the set plan and quickly passed EVN’s tests. With the project now connected to the grid, it is operating stably with a high power output, creating a clean power source which contributes to the offload of the national grid.

The project was completed and commissioned on the 16th of July 2020, for which 12 units of SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK1 75KW (SHP 75-10) inverters were installed.

The measures of success are as follows:
– Electricity output is more than 1,440 MWh / year
– The Employer sells electricity to EVN, earning nearly 3 billion dongs/ year
– Reduce the temperature for the roof by about 5 ° C
– The system can be used for up to 25 years.


The solar project has increased the business’s sustainability by allowing 4M GREEN POWER to use renewable energy as a power source, and therefore, their products now have more appeal to the client’s base.

Utilizing renewable energy, especially solar power, is a very effective sustainable solution that ensures energy security by replacing fossil fuel sources that are gradually becoming exhausted. By installing a large capacity solar power system, this will help the client to manage and use power more efficiently, reduce transmission loss, have less impact on the grid, and reduce the national grid’s operational burden.

As we selected SMA, this also allows for EnnexOS to be augmented. We are planning to add energy storage, energy efficiency and electric vehicle charging, all united in the holistic management system of EnnexOS. Our system needed to be future-proofed for us to roll out our planned ESG strategy.