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Project Detailsx

Client:The Hermosa North School
Year completed:2021
Partner:Haaland Builders, Inc.
Country:CA, United States
Category:Commercial & Industrial
PV brands:SMA and Trina Solar

Project Overviewx

The Hermosa North School Project, located in California, was completed in 2021. Haaland Builders, Inc. and PROINSO have been in charge of carrying out this 130.65 kW DC solar system with (402) Trina Solar 325W solar panels, (402) SMA Rapid Shutdown Modules, (2) 50kW & (1) 33kW SMA Inverters, 150kVA Transformer, Sub-panel, Performance Meter and Disconnect.

The new Hermosa Vista School consists of a two-story administration/classroom/library building and a multipurpose building. The facilities are designed to be Zero Net Energy, with highly efficient MEP systems and extensive photovoltaic solar arrays on both buildings that will generate all of the electricity needed for the school.