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Project Detailsx

Year completed:2015
PV brands:SMA and Jinko
EPC partner:Smartsolar
Category:Commercial & Industrial

Project Overviewx

After a long run as a top purchaser of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), PepsiCo management made a strategic decision to focus on direct investments in renewable energy projects. Located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras the 3MW rooftop project covers an area of 366,000ft² and sits on top the leading PepsiCo Bottling Plant in the region, EMSULA (Embotelladora de Sula S.A.). The facility, which bottles soft drinks, juices, and purified water, will offset 20% of its energy use. The plant generates approximately 4,252.4 MWh /year, the carbon-reduction equivalent of planting 4.7 million trees. EMSULA added the PV installation to improve the overall management and energy cost of the facility in addition to making a conscious effort to fulfil social and corporate responsibilities. This industry-leading project for the region was developed and constructed in partnership with SmartSolar of Honduras, a leading solar EPC in Latin America.