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Project Detailsx

Partners:Solar Power Group and Becquerel Power
Year completed:2022
Category:Commercial & Industrial
PV brands:SMA and First Solar

Project Overviewx

“È stata la mano di Dio”– The Iglesia de Fátima project in Mexico becomes a pioneer in the use of renewable energy “to try to make the energy generated by the Church as ethical as possible” by allocating the savings made and resources to investing in new social projects.

PROINSO, in association with our local distribution and EPC partners Solar Power Group and Becquerel Power, has successfully implemented this project at the highest professional level and with the help of a trained local construction team. The Iglesia de Fátima project is one of the most impressive state-of-the-art roofs in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mexico, with a total size of 144.3 kWp DC / 125.0 kW AC and an annual estimate of 219,267 kWh/year.

The objective for the client was to install an energy system that would generate clean and low-cost energy for self-consumption and reduce the operating costs of one of the main outgoings that being electricity. The system supposes a compensation of 95% of current consumption, allocating the significant savings in operating costs and expenses relating to energy consumption centers to investment in new projects and profitable production processes.

The municipality of San Pedro Garza García faces air pollution problems which has seen the government of Nuevo León placing a real emphasis on air quality monitoring. The solar system rooftop installation reduces CO2 emissions by more than 182.82 tons a year, helping to protect the environment and being the equivalent of planting 8,054 new trees.

Jorge Vega, Project Advisor of the Church of Fátima: “Solar systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology that allows autonomy, control and independence in the generation of clean and low-cost energy, totally viable and highly profitable.”

Prb. Miguel Espinosa, Pastor of the Church: “This project will allow us to generate 95 per cent of our annual needs, which are a little more than 230,000 kWh/year. The northeast of the country is a scorching area of Mexico. The facilities of the churches are usually heated for the comfort of the community; future savings will allow us to allocate those resources to other causes for the benefit of society and the environment.”

The carefully selected manufacturers SMA, First Solar and UNIRAC provided the components that were used for this project. Two units of 62.5 kW SMA CORE1 inverters provide high efficiency, steady operation, and increased flexibility, appropriate for the actual installation conditions. 328 solar panels from First Solar 440W Series 6 Plus and UNIRAC mounting structures were also installed. The customer and Becquerel Power can collect system data on the IoT platform daily using SMA monitoring and management software following a precise timeframe. This also enables them to detect and alert any problem, to note the source of the decline in the amount of electricity produced, locate the problem swiftly and as quickly as possible and to solve it immediately.