PROINSO’s Solar Energy Solidarity project to benefit 19,000 in Peru, Togo and Benin

Five PV solidarity projects will be carried out.

  • They are part of the Solar Energy Solidarity programme that PROINSO launched to help underprivileged groups lacking the financial or technical resources to generate solar PV energy.
  • PROINSO will donate the PV supplies for the projects to be developed and will follow them up jointly with local and international NGOs and institutions.
  • The first project will be carried out in La Matanza, Peru. A water well will be rehabilitated and equipped with a solar-powered water pump to facilitate access to drinking water to 60 households.
  • Other projects in the Solar Energy Solidarity programme by PROINSO are in Lagunas (Peru), Kulunde and La Kounte (Togo), and in Porto-Novo (Benin).
  • More info at: www.solarenergysolidarity.com

PROINSO, company that delivers modules, inverters, trackers and fixed structures for ground- or roof-mounted PV systems, has designed five solar PV projects to be developed in Peru, Togo and Benin as part of its ‘Solar Energy Solidarity’ Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

With this solidarity programme, which will extend in time, PROINSO wants to help underprivileged communities meeting their energy demands through solar PV projects. The projects will be developed jointly with NGOs, local partners and institutions, using the products and resources donated by the company, which will be in charge of the monitoring and follow-up of all the projects.

These five projects will help improve the health, education, and quality of life of around 18,950 people.

Projects in PERU

The first project to be carried out, with a power output of 1.225 kWp, is in La Matanza, Peru. It consists in the rehabilitation of a water well that will be equipped with a solarpowered water pump. The project will facilitate access to drinking water to 60 households that are comprised of around 300 people, who will use water for human and animal consumption.

The new installation will help improve the health of the people in the community and boost local development. The implementation of the project, with the local partner Movement for the Realisation of the Social Habitat (MIRHAS-Peru), will take around four months.

The second project PROINSO is developing within the framework of Solar Energy Solidarity is in Lagunas (Peru) and consists of a solar PV installation with a power output of 3.250 kWp. Once the PV system starts operating, a hospital and two learning centres will have power for more hours every day. This project, to be carried out jointly with the Corazonistas Foundation and Caritas Yurimaguas, will benefit 7,000 people, as well as 1,900 students in the learning centres.

Scheduled to be completed in 12 months, the project will improve the condition of hospital facilities and make services possible like emergency surgery. Likewise, the learning environment in the local schools will be better, which will promote students’ learning progress.

Projects in TOGO (Africa)

PROINSO will also give PV products to two projects being carried out in Togo. One of them will be in Kulunde, where a 1.320-kWp solar PV installation will supply power to two buildings with six classrooms and two school offices. The beneficiaries of this project amount to around 9,200 people.

The second African project will be developed in La Kounte. An 80-m-deep well will be dug up to pump and store water in an elevated water tank. To do so, a 1.320-kWp solar PV facility will be installed.

The new water tank will store water to be supplied to 300 locals. They will thus have access to quality drinking water and an improved quality of life, associated with the lower incidence of water-borne diseases.

Project in BENIN (West Africa)

Finally, PROINSO has decided to start up a project in Porto-Novo (Benin) that consists in a stand-alone 1.300 kWp solar PV energy system to be installed in a foyer that provides accommodation to homeless young people. This project will be developed jointly with the NGO Youth and Development. A stand-alone PV solar system will be mounted in one of the foyer’s roofs. The stand-alone system, also known as autonomous or independent system, will be installed on the roof to generate, store and supply power to users in the building. A total 250 people will benefit from the new PV system.

The NGOs, local partners and organisations that will work together with PROINSO in these five projects are Energy Without Borders, Movement for the Realisation of the Social Habitat (MIRHAS-Peru), Corazonistas Foundation, Caritas Yurimaguas, and Youth and Development. Besides, PROINSO has decided to get suppliers involved in the company’s new solidarity projects.