PROINSO PV RACK Launches new compact rail-free structure solution for flat roofs

After a successful rollout of its first flat roof structure (TRIANGLE), PROINSO PV Rack (www.proinsopvrack.com), racking system specialist, launched a new, extremely compact, rail-free structure for flat roofs – TRIANGLE DUO.


The key objectives of our engineers during product development phase were ease of use, cost effectiveness and longevity. The compact design of TRIANGLE DUO allowed us to further reduce Technology and shipping costs, while enabling faster and easier installation.  Our new rail-free, flat roof structure was designed with high degree of flexibility that allows the product to be adjusted to desired angle of inclination, without penetration of the roof surface.
TRIANGLE DUO complies with the latest technical standards for solar PV structures and is suitable for majority of roof types.
PROINSO PV Rack structures are designed for higher wind speed conditions and are produced using robust and high quality materials in order to ensure the maximum safety for our PV projects. All our products come with 10 year warranty.
As part of PROINSO PV Rack solutions, all the items are packaged as a kit coming in a compact, 1kW size box, lowering your transportation and storage costs.
PROINSO PV Rack has just launched a new website that provides download material, information about the upcoming training events, quote request form, customer testimonials and more. Visit our new website www.proinsopvrack.com.
PROINSO PV Rack also offers structures for utility scale projects, that can be customized based on the project specific location and wind loads.
For order enquiries, please contact us via email: info@proinsopvrack.net or request a quote Online :  http://proinsopvrack.com/request-quote/.