SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 is designed to make your life easier and increase your customers’ profits.

This new SMA inverter brings more flexibility for your plant design. With 110 kW power, the device is ideally suited for larger decentralized commercial plants with different module orientations, ground-mounted or in rooftop installations. Even under shaded conditions. It has integrated features like SMA ShadeFix and SMA Smart Connected and is the ideal solution for complex PV systems.

Benefits for EPCs and installers

  • Simplified plant design –ideal product for using in any project
  • Higher number of potential projects means more profit
  • Fuseless design on DC side
  • Holistic, seamless system
  • Reliable quality and all from one hand
  • Upselling opportunities
  • 360°professional support for PV installers
  • Easy installation, even on challenging sites
  • Lower service costs because of minimal downtime of PV plants