PROINSO, Kaizen Institute Global® Vietnam and H2T Hanoi Company Vietnam were named finalists for the Solar Power Project of the Year in the Asian Power Awards 2023

PROINSO and H2T Hanoi company, supported to implementation by Kaizen Institute Global® Vietnam finalist for the Solar Power Project of the Year – Vietnam; in the Asian Power Awards 2023.

This is one of the biggest projects in terms of capacity where it has been installed within the Thuan Thanh Industrial Zone in Bac Ninh one of the most intensive industrial areas North of Vietnam.

Planned to start in October 2022 and within 6 months the project was implemented and integrated into operations. The project reached COD with solid collaboration from PROINSO’s global funding partners and H2T, PROINSO’s EPC partner in the North of Vietnam. The Ngu Long project was installed in phases: 2,188 kWp nominal capacity of solar modules (System 1: 736 kWp, System 2: 1,197 kWp, and System 3: 255 kWp) The project systems were installed by H2T Hanoi company, supported to implementation by Kaizen Institute Global® Vietnam, PROINSO Group and investment partner ECOLIGO to ensure the best results’ on its operation had their expectations met in regards to quality, savings, greener energy deployment and energy security with a fixed price of electricity for 25 years.

The project was delivered on time, to plan, and if applicable on budget that included quantifiable data on energy savings with the techniques repeatable. Mr. Dam, CEO of NGU LONG company, stated that the” Solar power system is a very efficient energy solution for the NGU LONG factory, The system was constructed and COD according to the plan, saving the cost of electricity for the plant.” The Solar power system meets an average of 20 to 26% of the plant’s electricity consumption for a month lowering the use of the diesel generators to a negligible level and positions the factory at the front end of local production plants in terms of carbon footprint.

The BLT model is a win-win for all parties involved including businesses, investment funds and EPC contractors. It gives a business the opportunity to promote green production whilst using clean power at low pricing and without the need for upfront investment capital with our overall desire to achieve a 30 per cent reduction in the grid energy supply.