Why TIGO’s TS4 Module Optimisers are essential for any solar system?

Tigo Energy, Inc.’s mission is to increase customers’ ROI by delivering safe and smart PV technology designed to yield maximum energy harvest at minimal cost. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation smart panel optimizer technology for the solar industry in 2007. Today, Tigo offers a full platform of integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE (module-level power electronics) and communication technology. By partnering with tier 1 panel and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the TS4 Platform. Tigo ships worldwide and has operations in the USA, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Israel, and the Middle East.


How the Tigo System Works

  • Unparalleled design flexibility
  • Works with almost all inverters & panels
  • Design uneven panel strings in parallel
  • Split strings across multiple orientations
  • Expandable systems, future-proof
  • Selective deployment
  • Remote panel-level disconnect via software
  • Automatic disconnect in emergency
  • Manual disconnect for maintenance
  • Over-voltage & over-current deactivation


Tigo’s TS4 Platform & Features

The TS4 Platform is available for three options of universal panel junction box bases: integrated, retrofit/add-on, and Duo for two panels. The TS4 Platform consists of six options of junction box covers containing the application electronics, enabling you to choose the exact options you need for any given solar project or customer. Each TS4 unit builds in functionality from the simplest smart-ready diode, to panel-level monitoring, NEC-compliant rapid shutdown, optimization for mismatch, to long string design. Together, they form a new generation of smart solar solutions that are modular, flexible, replaceable, and upgradable. Read about the installation of the Tigo System here.

*See specifications of TS4-F (Fire Safety) below.


Panel & Inverter Compatibility

Tigo’s MLPE is dual-certified with UL & IEC to work with integrated panel & inverter partners. These certifications are listed with 40+ panel manufacturers & 2000+ inverter types, currently shipping worldwide.

Tigo’s TS4 Platform has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) for fully complying with the USA’s National Electric Code (NEC) 2014 and 2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown regulations with specific solar panels – like Jinko and Perlight – and inverters – like Fronius and Chint. Tigo is the only UL-certified multivendor RSS solution for residential and C&I. The following panel and inverter manufacturing partners are compliant with UL’s Rapid Shutdown System (RSS) panel-level deactivation regulations when using a variation of Tigo’s TS4-F (Fire Safety), TS4-S (Safety), TS4-O (Optimization), and (TS4-L) Long Strings:


Safety and Rapid Shutdown Compliance

Tigo’s MLPE reduces liability and is safer for installers & firefighters in case of emergency. The built-in panel-level output shuts down and de-energizes string voltage to a safe voltage level to comply with NEC 2014 & 2017 rapid shutdown requirements.

Tigo has multiple TS4 System Architectures for Rapid Shutdown that comply with the USA’s National Electric Code (NEC) 2017 specifications. The first includes rapid shutdown with monitoring and the associated functionalities of TS4-S (Safety), TS4-O (Optimization), and (TS4-L) Long Strings. The second architecture includes rapid shutdown with power-line communication and no monitoring with TS4-F (Fire Safety). This hazard control solution is applicable for any system, anywhere, for better asset management and safety compliance.


Reclaimed Energy for ROI improvement

This software provides system owners with unprecedented visibility into panel-level performance.

Tigo’s SMART Website and App are online monitoring tools that manages utility, commercial, and residential PV systems. System analytics track production, send alerts, and proactively suggest maintenance actions to keep systems operating at maximum efficiency. For increased safety, Tigo’s SMART Website can remotely power-off each panel individually, eliminating high voltage for maintenance or safety purposes. Customers can also see the Reclaimed energy recovered by Tigo’s TS4 optimizers. Reclaimed is the number of extra kilowatt hours that a PV system with TS4 has harvested. The new feature is displayed with the Total Energy on system owners’ online monitoring portals with ROI by year, month, day, hour, or minute. Watch proof of your solar ROI or  view a live PV system on Tigo’s SMART Website.



Tigo offers customers, suppliers, and financial communities the solution that improves ROI at each level and guarantees to reduce the O&M cost over the lifetime of any project.

The return rate of Tigo’s shipped optimizers is less than .01% worldwide. This RMA record is four times better than the competition! Tigo’s modular TS4 platform can be selectively deployed with different functionalities per panel at different price points utilizing Predictive IV (PIV) technology to maximize energy harvest at minimal cost. An average of 36% power loss from partial shading is recovered by Tigo’s MLPE, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Tigo’s recovered power loss on the DC side of new systems without mismatch is an average of 3% more energy than our competitors, as proven by DNV GL. In terms of certifications, Tigo is the only UL-certified multivendor RSS solution for residential and C&I. Lastly, Tigo’s MLPE has achieved the industry’s highest rating of IP68 for all product designs suitable for any weather condition – including in limited water submersion operating conditions. Tested and approved by MET Laboratories. Review the different between Tigo optimizers and other MLPE here.



Tigo’s integrated TS4 units match the warranties of the smart solar panels while retrofitted TS4 units offer 25 years for defects and 20 years for performance. Tigo’s communication units offer a 5-year warranty. Tech Support is available worldwide throughout the lifetime of the system. Read more warranty details here.