PROINSO Looks to Increase Profitability of PV Assets with its Distinctive Monitoring Offer in India

Photo: PROINSO’s 28MW project in Bangladesh completed in partnership won the Asian Power Award earlier this year

Mumbai, India (12 November 2018): PROINSO, a global leader in the solar energy market, has partnered with Inspire Clean Energy (ICE) to offer its project clients one year of free access to the market-leading solar PV plant monitoring software. This offer is exclusive to PROINSO’s customers in India and can help save up to $500 per project.

From 12 November, PROINSO’s project clients in India will get complimentary 1-year access to the monitoring module on EIRA, one of the most advanced asset monitoring and management platforms available in the solar industry. EIRA is a unified software platform developed by Inspire Clean Energy (ICE) working on a proprietary AI engine which allows assets to function as an integrated unit. The platform enables asset owners and managers to access the health of their renewable energy assets in less than three seconds and all details in less than three clicks. EIRA is hosted on Amazon Cloud Server, making it the most stable motoring platform with the highest uptime.

EIRA’s primary objective is to increase profitability and enhance efficiency of solar projects by enabling asset owners, managers & field teams to leverage the power of connected devices. The platform uses machine learning to provide better fault detection and diagnosis, and to action real-time preventive maintenance. Advanced analytics can predict asset reliability and lifetime, and can assign actionable tickets to the right person. One of the unique aspects of this platform is that it allows asset managers to access all their projects in a single dashboard. The platform is device-agnostic and comes with local support for Indian customers.

PROINSO’s clients for projects starting from 50kW will qualify for this exclusive promotion, enabling them to save up to INR 35,000 on setup and subscription costs in the first year. Following the first year of free subscription, customers will be able to renew their EIRA subscription at a discounted price of INR 25,000 for five years, the lowest price for a premium PV monitoring service available in India.

Kunal Chandra, MD at PROINSO South Asia, said: “We observed monitoring adoption rates increasing globally, with some countries like Japan taking an extra step to make it mandatory. India is lagging behind with the majority of the market still relying on monitoring systems provided by inverter manufacturers which have very limited scope. We believe remote monitoring will play a key role in increasing energy yields and reducing operating costs in both the rooftop and utility segments and are excited to be the first company in India to offer it as an added value to our clients”.

Inspire Clean Energy (ICE) was founded by a team of solar industry professionals with over 40 years of cumulative experience in the solar industry, combined with passion for technology and innovation. Their portfolio of over 120MWp of solar PV assets under management in 150+ cities across 10 states in India serves as a guarantee of their comprehensive understanding of the solar industry which they leveraged in the creation of EIRA.

Thirisala Devi, Director (EIRA) & Promoter at Inspire Clean Energy, said: “With a team of more than 100 engineers spread across India, Inspire Clean Energy has the strongest Solar PV service network in the country. We are excited to launch this partnership and help PROINSO’s customers improve their plant returns. PROINSO’s customers will also be able to access the premium features of EIRA like ticketing modules, portfolio management, advanced analytics & generation scheduling and forecasting at a discounted price“.