ETIAM Insights Develops PV Rooftop system for FULIN plastics, a global leader in the artificial leather market

Windsor, United Kingdom (January 11, 2024): PROINSO, a global leader and award-winning services provider for solar energy projects, is thrilled to announce the successful collaboration with FULIN, listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange – TWSE, for the implementation of the 1.8 MWp rooftop solar system at their factory in Hai Phong Province, Vietnam, financed under long term power purchase agreement.

FULIN is a leading company prepared and ready to provide eco-friendly products, with approximately 50% of its products exported worldwide. FULIN has already invested an additional 20 million US dollars in setting up an independent eco-friendly facility to produce a new line of products made of eco-friendly materials. FULIN is very well known for its very high-quality production and its impressive clientele includes renowned companies such as Yamaha, Toyota, Honda, Coach, Guess, MK, Ashley and among others.

Through this collaboration, FULIN will benefit from a hassle-free solution with zero-capex and zero-opex.

ETIAM Insights, PROINSO associated company together with local partners Kaizan institute global & EPC, H2T will help FULIN to save over USD 8.84 million throughout the system’s lifespan and contribute to a reduction of 2,060 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

At ETIAM Insights, we are excited to work together with FULIN on this solar project and eagerly anticipate a fruitful partnership for many years to come.