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Project Detailsx

Partner:Renesource Inc.
Year completed:2023
Category:Commercial & Industrial
PV brands:Jinko Solar
Award:Winners in the category ‘Best Team Performance of the Year: Asset Management – Developer (Philippines)’ for the two projects developed for Sport City International (SCI).

Project Overviewx

In partnership with local EPC partner, Renesource Inc, and investment partner, Ecoligo, the PROINSO group has successfully developed Solar PV projects for factories owned by Sport City International (SCI) in the Mactan Economic Zone in Cebu. The first sites consist of a 350kWp Solar PV project for Mactan Apparels Inc and 610 KWp Installation for Metrowear Inc in MEZ1. Feasibility for SCI’s remaining factories in the Mactan Economic Zone is also underway which we hope to start later in the year.

The composition of the awarded team was Tobias Preuss – CEO, of Renesource Inc and Shikki Quinain – Commercial Director, Renesource Inc._; Mark Randall – CEO, of PROINSO Group; Robert Forrest – Managing Director of SEA, PROINSO Group.

Ecoligo GmbH were our investment partner and JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., was our supply partner.

We are proud that these are the very first fully permitted zero capex Solar PV project in the Mactan Economic Zone, financed under 15-year leasing agreements providing the Sport City with reliable clean energy, savings on their energy bills and reduction in Carbon emissions with zero upfront investment costs.

Sports City International (SCI) group was established in April 1988, specializing in the manufacture of sports clothing. After more than 30 years of operation, the total number of employees of the group is more than 35,000, and its facilities are located in Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. SCI has become the top three manufacturers of globally well-known sportswear brands including Adidas, Under Armour and Lululemon.

Our partnership continues to strengthen our value proposition with our market-leading position. In the meeting, further collaboration was discussed including increasing the scope of the relationship from both co-development and to include local supply services. This will help our unique business model for commercial and industrial projects by becoming even more efficient in supporting our agreed and extremely ambitious targets.

The PROINSO Group and partners have developed over 400MW of Solar Projects for numerous Commercial, industrial and utility plants in the Philippines. This particular Portfolio consists of factories owned by the sports city group in the Mactan Economic Zone in Cebu. The Team is also developing numerous other Solar PV projects for various blue-chip companies with factories in Cebu,

The contribution made by key team members in Project Performance Improvement was the innovative Financing under a 15-year leasing agreement where there is zero investment cost for Mactan Apparels or Metrowear Inc and all operation and maintenance is handled by Renesource’s local Operation and Maintenance team in Cebu.

The system includes Jinko N-Type Modules, one of the most innovative solar modules that adopt N-type TOPCon technology with further enhancements in performance, power, energy density, and reliability. In mass production, the new module delivers a maximum power output of up to 620W and an ultra-high conversion efficiency of up to 22.30%.

Mr Kangping Chen, Chief Executive Officer of JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., commented, The new Tiger Neo flagship series was designed to meet the needs of large-scale utility projects, industrial and commercial distributed generation, and residential applications. Through the advantages of the N-type TOPCon technology, customers can invest in PV systems that are more efficient, more reliable, and more profitable. We believe that the Tiger Neo modules will continue to set new industry standards, and further promote the development of the global solar industry so that more people can enjoy a brighter future driven by clean energy solutions.”