The Red Cross project, Haiti. A real story.

United Kingdom (06 November 2020): PROINSO, a global leader in the solar energy market, presents one of its latest projects in Haiti.

The Red Cross Primary Blood Bank–located in Port-au-Prince downtown, was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake, disrupting emergency health services in the aftermath of the earthquake. After the earthquake, the Haitian Red Cross operates these functions out of a rented space.

Global Communities has implemented the construction of a new centre funded by the American Red Cross. The new complex includes the National Blood Transfusion Centre and the Specialized Analysis Laboratory of the Haitian Red Cross.

It includes a 1,500 square meter building and a 350kW solar energy system.

The solar energy system is designed so that the centre is fully autonomous in green energy even if it is connected to the public grid and has a generator. The electrical equipment installed is energy efficient. This will reduce the cost of operating the centre and make it eco-friendly.