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Project Detailsx

Client:CIMACO Group
EPC Partner:Becquerel Power
Developer:Solar Power Group
Year completed:2020
Category:Commercial & Industrial
PV brands:SMA, LONGI Solar, SPG Solar Carport®

Project Overviewx

Located in Monclova, Mexico, the CIMACO Carport project has a total size of 499 kW AC, 689.6 kWp DC. With an estimated annual kWh of 1,088,702 kWh/year.

Hand in hand with Becquerel Power, as EPC, and Solar Power Group, as Developer. The installed Carport was with SPG Solar Carport® including

1,724 400W LONGI panels and 8 units of SMA CORE1 inverters.

Meeting the owner’s expectations in terms of generating clean, low-cost energy for self-consumption. Reduce operating costs of one of the main inputs such as electricity.