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Project Detailsx

Client:CIMACO Group
EPC Partner:Becquerel Power
Developer:Solar Power Group
Year completed:2020
Category:Commercial & Industrial
PV brands:SMA and LONGI Solar

Project Overviewx

Grupo CIMACO is a reference of department stores in northern Mexico with 90 years of experience and branches in different parts of the Mexican Republic. Committed to its customers, Mexican society and the environment.

Located in Saltillo, Mexico, the CIMACO project represents an excellent example of energy transition in Mexico.

Hand in hand with Becquerel Power, as EPC, and Solar Power Group, as Developer. The rooftop includes 1,650 400W LONGI panels, 8 units of SMA Core1 STP62 inverters, S5 Mini MX frame and UNIRAC Solar Mount rails.

With an estimated annual kWh of 1,096,480 kWh/year, the system generates clean, low-cost energy for self-consumption. Reducing operating costs of one of the main inputs such as electricity.