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MECASOLAR, a PROINSO associated company, is a world-leading manufacturer of solar tracking systems with a strong commitment to customer service. MECASOLAR’s solar tracking systems have been delivered to more than 45 countries over the last 15 years, demonstrating the company’s expertise in overcoming technical challenges all around the world. Within this time MECASOLAR has designed and manufactured some of the most innovative tracking solutions, achieving a leading position in the solar systems market.

  • Product category: Solar PV trackers
  • Country of origin: Spain
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Mecasolar trackers

Mecasolar’s trackers and fixed structures have been approved and endorsed by major global EPC companies such as IBERDROLA, TSK Group, AMS–Aldesa, CELENIM, and Tozzi Group. Moreover, thanks to their robustness and output reliability, Mecasolar´s trackers and fixed structures have demonstrated bankability across an array of project finance instruments on the market including banks such as Santander, BBVA, Barclays, Caja Rural, La Caixa, Intesa San Paolo, UBI, Unicredit, Leasint, and Fineco.

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1-Axis Multi-Row MECASOLAR Horizontal Tracker

1-Axis Multi Row Horizontal Tracker HYPERION-MR®

1-Axis Single Row Horizontal Mecasolar Tracker HYPERION-SR®

1-Axis Single Row Horizontal Tracker HYPERION-SR®

Mecasolar fixed structures

Fixed Structures


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